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Chocolate Galore!


For all the chocolate lovers, come round! Come taste! We make a wide variety of bonbon and chocolates and all of our chocolate decorations in the store by hand, we do this very seasonally so in winter we have a larger variety available. We love making our chocolates a little “different” with exciting new flavors and texture combinations. This motivates us to constantly innovate. If you are looking for a specific flavour combination, please do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities. 

Besides this we also have cakes for the ultimate chocolate lover. The two big favourites are the chocolate-caramel and the raspberry, white chocolate dessertcakes. We build the dessertcakes or entremets with lots of different layers. Because of these layers we are able to introduce different textures and flavour combinations that are more balanced. This makes these cakes have an explosion of flavour and textures that are almost impossible to recreate in regular cakes. Come by our store if you would like to see it being made or to have a taste! We use Callebaut chocolate for all of our creations, whether bonbons, bars, cakes, entremets or our decorations.