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Tasty Pastries

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Patissery Tasty Pastries has an assortiment in cakes, pastries and other delicacies. From cookies, macarons, cheesecake and apple pie to, chocolates en luxurious entremets. Visit us for a delicious snack, to spoil yourself on your cheat day or for a special occasion.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
€ 1,00

Cookie with oatmeal, raisins and cinnamon

Chocolate Chip Cookie
€ 1,00

Koek with chocolate chips as well as walnuts and hazelnuts

Pistache Financiers
€ 4,00

Yummy cake with almond and pistachio in the shape of a tulip

€ 4,00

Delicious coconutpiles, glutenfree & lactosefree

Box of chocolates 16 pieces
€ 10,00

Assortiment of handmade chocolate with a variation of flavors.

Butter Cookies
€ 4,00

Choice in variety of butter cookies


Sticky Toffee Cake

Datecake decorated with salted caramel and an assortiment of nuts

Slice of pie/ pastry
€ 2,50 - € 4,50

depending on choice / check in store for current assortiment

Traditional Apple pie
€ 10,00

Apple pie with almondpaste, raisins, cinnamon in a traditional dough

€ 15,-

Carrotcake with nuts, pineapple and a creamcheese topping

Apple pie 2.0 Entremet
€ 25,-

Reinventing traditional apple pie with all the traditional flavors in a new way surrounded by yoghurtmousse

Raspberry- White Chocolate
€ 25,-

Luxurious dessertcake with almond, pistachios, raspberryfilling surrounded by white chocolate mousse

Choco-Caramel Dream
€ 25,-

Chocolate-almond crumb with salted caramel and chocolate-caramel mousse

Tropical Cloud
€ 25,-

almondcrumb, mango-passion crème, pineapplecompote, coconut biscuit, surrounded by coconutmousse