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  • I enjoy waffles, most people do, but I didn't have any real need to have a recipe for it or an interest to develop one. That all changed when we went on a trip to Prague for a little honeymoon. I am not someone that likes the touristy stuff. I usually ask a waiter or a local where we need to go for the real experience (for us it's all about food with some culture thrown in). This leads you down sometimes sketchy alleys where some of the best food

  • Cheesecake, mmmmh cheeeesecaaake. I could end the blog text here, and for the fans of this cake, it would make sense. But cheesecake is like a religion. Every country has one, but sadly we can't seem to agree. Japan has a fluffy version, which jiggles it's quite satisfying to see it shake. England has a heavier version than even the Americans who have an array of baked cheesecake. In Europe, they also have an unbaked version, which is a bit lighter. I am no exception to the fandom. When

  • I'm personally not the biggest fan of chocolate. Yes, I just said that please don't crucify me. But I do occasionally enjoy white chocolate (#realchocolate or #fakechocolate debate), which makes these white chocolate fudge blondies awesome. White chocolate has a lot more natural fat than dark chocolate by the higher amount of cacao butter to cacao. As a result, you have to add less butter and a bit more flour to compensate. Thankfully we did the heavy lifting for you there. Yes, it was a struggle doing all the taste

  • One of my wife's favorite treats is chocolate, and by one of them, I mean her ABSOLUTE favorite. Ten years ago, before we started our food journey, Tamara loved to use Betty Crocker's brownie mix. Just add oil, an egg, and with a snap of the fingers (and an oven), there is chocolate cake. It did say to let it cool, but between you and me, it never survived that long. Now since the years have passed, we made our recipes. That said, if I am ever in the dog

  • A cookie I want to highlight today is a hazelnut tuile in the Netherlands known as a kletskop. I want to highlight it today because the tuile flies under the radar a lot. People always think it's the stale cookie in a dessert to give it some flair. When in actuality, it can be a crucial part of the dessert or even a beautiful snack. Hazelnut tuile A great recipe for a very flat, crispy hazelnut cookie or tuile. 28 grams Butter71 grams Sugar18 grams Glucose21 grams Water (21 ml)38 grams Plain flour1

  • You have to love a good crumble. Whether it's apple, peach, or the blueberry, but sometimes you want to have that Caribbean taste. That is when we turn to the pineapple. Pineapple has that sunshine feel. Whenever we think of pineapple, we think of the beach, sun, or specific cocktail (more on that in another post). With that in mind, we are going to take this crumble keep it simple. But jazz it up with a little pineapple and some cinnamon. If you have ice cream or whipped cream works

  • I love a good pizza. Love to make them and bake them. Love kneading the dough. Click here for our dough recipe. There is something quite cathartic about it for me. First, you destress a little by kneading the dough to get some of that stress out of the system. Then you relax while the rising process is happening. Once that's sorted, fire up a smile on the face while turning on the oven or barbecue. Then divide and roll out the dough with care. And finally, treat yourself with

  • Let's talk pizza, yes, pizza. Not much of a reason to explain why I mean pizza is excellent. Lately, I have been asking everyone around me to name their top 5 favorite dishes. Pizza is well in the top 3 most named meals. Everyone has there favorite toppings but its pizza none the less. For me, it's always been between two types of pizza namely Diavola and Quattro Formaggi. Whatever your pizza is, it becomes much better when you make it yourself. Thankfully making pizza or pizza dough yourself is